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  • I'm looking for some sample performance evaluations for supervisors. I'm looking for a format that incorporates the 360 Degree Feedback concept. Does anyone have one they would like to share? I appreciate your assistance. Thanks Jolene
  • I would be happy to send a copy of our HR job description for the Director's position to all who are listed above as well. The director position is = to a manager's position for us. Hope it helps.
  • I added a copy of our policy to the web site as well, hope it is useful. I would agree to not allowing sick leave for donations. However, we (employer - higher education) do allow our faculty members to donate a max on 1 sick day per year because th…
  • I would agree with Michelle (from GA), you should be addressing both the tardiness issue and the appropriate use of work time (getting breakfast while on the clock). I'd make sure that you aren't allowing others to get breakfast while on the clock. …
  • Liz, It might depend if you have a union contract or written policies that state what recently terminated employees have access to. For us, we have employee policies and three union contracts which state that recently terminated employees would sti…