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We have an employee in CA who is off due to pg-related disability.  Is there a standard form from CA State for the employee to request their leave be used under PDL or does anyone have a form they use that I might be able to beg, borrow, steal from for our company's use?  Thanks!


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  • Employees must complete and submit a state Employment Development Department (EDD) claim form DE 2501 to EDD in order to receive Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL) benefits. The form is available online at the EDD’s website (

    In the case of female employees taking leave for bonding after the birth of a child, the employee may apply for Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits as soon as she has recovered from pregnancy-related disability and is no longer receiving state disability insurance (SDI) benefits. There is no additional 7-day waiting period for a PFL claim for benefits to bond with a newborn when the PFL claim follows the SDI pregnancy-related claim. Employees will automatically be sent a "Claim for Paid Family Leave (PFL) Benefits--New Mother" (Form DE 2501FP), when the pregnancy-related disability claim ends.

  • Thanks for this.  We are really unfamiliar with this sort of thing when it comes to California.  I was trying to cover my bases from an FMLA standpoint, I didn't realize they actually received benefits other than just requesting their time off be used under a protected leave status.

    For clarification, the kind of form I'm looking for sort of a "Request for leave of absence" type form.  As far as I'm aware, our office has never had one; they've just relied on the employee to submit a letter. 

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