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We switched from ADP because they gave us continous price increases.  We went to PayChex because of price.  Now Paychex is raising their prices and they have not so good customer service.  I know these are the big two, but I am not really happy with either one.  ADP offered to lower their prices, but I don't really like doing business with a company when I have to get competive quotes to be sure their prices are in line.  We are just starting the search.  The only other company we have looked at is Paylocity.  I would like to get someone I can stay with for several years, who is competive, who could provide exception time and attendence systems which can be viewed by supervisors and employees with different viewing authorization levels.  I would also like to have someone who could later provide labor distribution reporting. Any recommendations?  Anyone have experince with Paylocity?


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  • We are currently with Paychex and are looking to change, and I am not looking to go to ADP.  I haven't found the solution yet, but am talking to several other providers.

     However, I do currently get a labor distribution report from Paychex, so I'm not sure why you can't.  When we process payroll, we can enter a different branch and department for an employee's hours, and those hours show up under the correct department.  For instance our maintenance employees charge their time to the department getting the work done, not to their own department. 

     Are you trying to do something different than that?

  • I used to run sales for Rapid Pay which became Paychex Preview after Paychex purchased them. You are correct in your assertion that you can get labor distribution reporting from Preview. It is more difficult to get labor distribution from Paychex's small business (Core) system.  Since you are looking at alternatives to Paychex, I would highly recommend looking at Paylocity (  Paylocity has a web-based system which combines payroll, HR and employee self-service in a single system.  As of next month, Paylocity will offer single sign-on integration with their web-based time and attendance system as well.
  • I went Ceridian after beating up salespeople and getting a lot of questions answered and going through torture test demos with them, PayChex, and ADP.  ADP was the most expensive, PayChex was the least accurate in describing their product and it has some serious reliability issues if you use their high end system that you host on your own systems.

  • I'm grateful to have found this question, as I'm in a similar situation.  We've just started the process of shopping for new payroll vendors after receiving our most recent (of many) increases from ADP and two more disappointing experiences this week with their sub-par customer service. 

    It looks like at least one of the replies was from someone using Paylocity.  What are your experiences with them?  Are they responsive to customer service inquiries?  Was the implementation process seamless?  Have you been satisfied so far? 

  • Have you looked into Microsoft Dynamics GP HR and Payroll?
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