background checks for old employees

We have a new senior manager in our accounting department, she is concerned no background checks were ever done on her department staff.  Most of the employees have been with the company for some time.  Is it to late to do the backgrounds now for the employees? 

My thoughts were that if she changes job discriptions the new manager could get away with this if she does not discriminate who she does the test on. Any input from you all would be great, we are in Texas.  



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  • this type of policy switch could cause some headaches. putting aside the legality of it what about employee morale and the practicality of it? the first question employees will ask is why now? current employees may balk at a request for background check if they have been working for years trouble free and the the employer has no cause (eg embezzlement etc,). besides employee morale even if the person does find something in a background check what will be done? what if the employee has a squeaky clean record of service with your company but had a conviction a few years ago. does that warrant termination, discipline? a better route may to start conducting background checks on new hires going forward. your policy should be written - and enfforced consistently.
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