Can someone assist me me with this. What is the minimum number of employees can a company have in order to implement a diversity policy in the work place


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  • Well I would go with "2"...anyone with another employee could work on diversity. But I am sure that is not what you were asking.

    Title VII covers employers with more than 15 employees.  Even then, an employer is not required to have a formal diversity policy....but rather just be able to prove that they do not illegally discriminate based on race, religion, etc.  We use the standard EEO policy statement.  The following is a link to an EEOC Compliance Manual on Race.....I suggest you read the part titled "Diversity and Affirmative Action"  http://www.eeoc.gov/policy/docs/race-color.html#VIC  One specific quote "The Commission encourages voluntary affirmative action and diversity efforts to improve opportunities for racial minorities in order to carry out the Congressional intent embodied in Title VII.(115) Further, the Commission believes that “persons subject to Title VII must be allowed flexibility in modifying employment systems and practices to comport with the purposes” of the statute.(116) However, employers are cautioned that very careful implementation of affirmative action and diversity programs is recommended to avoid the potential for running afoul of the law."

  • i think a company with as few as two employees could have a diversity program.  i encourage you to read this research from harvard while you are developing one:  http://www.wjh.harvard.edu/~dobbin/cv/working_papers/aapracticesFinalProof.pdf


  • I encourage you to research the history of affirmative action planning and avoid the many pitfalls that can take you from "diversity program" to quotas or other forms of illegal discrimination.
  • I think any employer that has enough employees that it is subject to either federal or state laws against discrimination (Title VII applies to employers with 15 or more employees, and many states cover smaller employers) should have formal EEO, sexual harassment, and diversity policies, and should consider providing training on diversity and sexual harassment.
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