Has anyone ever used the vendor, Advantexe Learning Solutions, an Executive Edge company?



I am seeking feedback.  We are wanting to provide some good technical marketing training to our group and Advantexe Learning has been discussed.  Has anyone ever used them before?  They are an Executive Edge Inc, business. I have had mixed reviews on Executive Edge.  Has anyone ever used Advantexe or can you recommend a good program?




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  • Hi--

    I don't know anything about Advantexe, but  it appears I'm not alone! As nobody has written you back on anything specific to Advantexe, you may wish to try a blog that rates sales/marketing training vendors to find out what their reputation is. A search on Google for "technical marketing training vendors blog" produces an enormous number of choices. You could try signing onto a few that appear active and pose your question there.

    One site that may be a good resource for you is ES Research http://www.esresearch.com/e/home/index.php. They not only have a blog, but apparently could assist in vendor selection. They kept popping up as I tried different search terms trying to find something useful you. They define themselves as follows: "ES Research Group (ESR) researches, reports on and advises our clients in the areas of sales training, sales training methodologies, sales technologies, sales performance measurement and the vendors that deliver these services. "

     Good luck!


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