New Year's Resolutions

Ok, ok, I know this might be cliche. But, seeing that it's a new year, fresh start. Do any of you have new year's resolutions for your HR department or organization? I'm trying to think of ways I can change thigs up around here for the better...any ideas would be great!


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  • We are working on improved communications between our various departments, starting with staff meeting "mixers." In these, a member of another department sits in on another department's meeting and participates, offers news from their department and reports on a project or development that may affect the department in the staff meeting he or she is participating.
  • How about resolving to have fewer meetings or, at the very least, scheduling meetings only when they are absolutely necessary (no meetings for the sake of having them). An alternate idea might be to prohibit meetings on a specific day of the week--like "meeting-free Mondays" or Fridays. 

     I think that any idea that allows employees to focus on their work is a good resolution. I've even read about companies that ban use of e-mail one day a week. Imagine an entire day each week without having to check and respond to e-mail messages!

  • I like both ideas--fewer meetings and staff meeting mixers! Might try to implement here.
  • We are going to have brown bag lunches where we train managers on important management/HR skills.
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