Are You an Abrasive Manager?

In HR Strange but True!, we recently wrote about the book Taming the Abrasive Manager
(Jossey-Bass/A. Wiley, October 2007) by self-proclaimed "Boss Whisperer"
Dr. Laura Crawshaw. In the book, Crawshaw includes a self-test to see if you
are an abrasive manager.  This week, we have the test. You can take it here and then come back to let us know how you handle abrasive managers.


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  • I am lucky and have never worked for an abrasive manager. *knocks on wood*  That said, I know some managers who should take this test.  We've tried to open their eyes to their behavior, but maybe this test will do the trick.
  • I think this kind of test is a good idea except that I wonder how many people can honestly assess themeselves.  It's like asking people whether or not they think they are a good driver--I've seen studies where almost everyone thinks they're good drivers and that it's everyone else who drives like an idiot.

    But I sincerely share your hope that taking this quiz would at least provide some self-awareness to those who are open to it.

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