Cal Ripken as Workplace Role Model

Hey, did you watch Cal Ripkin, Jr.'s induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame?  Some of the Iron Man's quotes transcend baseball and hit right at the nature of the workplace, don't 'ya think?

"Some fans have looked at 'The Streak' as a special accomplishment," Cal said, "but I always looked at it as just showing up for work everyday. I see thousands of people who do the same ... You all may not have received the accolades I have, but I'd like to take the time out to salute you for showing up, working hard, and making the world a better place."

I just put this quote, with Cal's picture, up in our lunchroom.  What do you all think?  What can we do to make our employees have a sense of commitment, no matter what they do for a job?


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  • Cal Ripkin has always been a man of integrity who speaks and acts with humility. It is inspiring when someone like him achieves at such a high level in a field that is popular with kids and sports fans. The quote in your post certainly applies to the workplace!
  • In a time where high-profile sports figures are disappointing fans and the general public (Michael Vick and Barry Bonds being obvious recent examples) or behaving in a way where it's clear they have huge egos and are out only for themselves (Terrell Owens comes to mind), it was indeed refreshing to see two good guys (Ripken and Tony Gwynn) get their due this past weekend.

    I applaud your decision to quote him and post his words where your employees can see them and think about them.  What perspective he has to be able to step back and view his accomplishment against the backdrop of hard-working people from all walks of life. It's a great reflection on him as a person and further cements his reputation as exactly the type of person we'd all hope our workers would emulate.

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