There is a lot of buzz about Michael Moore's new film about the healthcare industry. It's called "Sicko."  I detest a lot of Moore's tactics, but will probably go see his latest "documentary."  I know my company has struggled with soaring health care costs and would welcome change to the system. Do you think it will start a similar dialogue to the one the Al Gore's documenary did? Both movies seem to be striking a chord with some people who disagree with Moore and Gore on almost every other issue.


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  • I guess everyone thinks the system needs to be changed, but people still seem to have strong negative reactions to the idea of universal health care.  I hope the movie does start people talking about how health care is handled in other countries (e.g. provided by the government) -- and the fact that it seems to work well.  It might require a big change in how we think medical care should be delivered, but it sure seems like something needs to be done!
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