College Student Intern w/o proper ID

I have a summer intern, a college student, that started yesterday and she cannot locate any documentation for the I-9 form.  She has a drivers license and nothing else.  She was not born here so we can't re-order a birth certificate and she needs her naturalization paperwork to re-order a social security card.  Where do I stand right now, do I have to send her home?   Is a drivers license and school ID enough for now until she can locate another piece of documentation?


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  • I think that I understand the facts of this situation. The employee has a drivers licence that establishes her identity but does not have any work authorization documents and does not have her Social Security card. Ordinarily, she could apply for a replacement Social Security card and provide a receipt for the application. This would give an additional 90 days to provide the card. But she needs her naturalization papers to apply for a replacement Social Security card. She could go to the nearest Social Security Administration office with her drivers license and other identity documents and see if she can get the process of getting a replacement card underway while she tries to find her naturalizzation documents. If they give her a receipt that this process has begun, she gets the 90 days.

    Does she think that she will be able to locate her documents? If not, she should begin the process of obtaining new naturalization paperwork, if she can't get it in time for this job, she will still need these documents for future jobs.

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