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Question--Does anyone have a policy they can share regarding employees waiting a certain amount of time before applying for another position within the organization?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

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  • Here is what we have:

    Eligibility to Apply for a Posted Position:
    Time in Position. Director approval is needed to deny or delay an Employee from interviewing or accepting a new position.
    Casual Employees are eligible to apply for a regular position after 6 months as a casual, regardless of the number of hours worked.
    Regular Non-Exempt Employees must have been in their current position for at least 6 months.
    Regular Exempt Employees must have been in their current position for at least 12 months.
    Exceptions to time-in-position requirements:
    1. When the current Manager agrees that the Employee may apply for openings.
    2. When the Employee has been notified that he/she will be affected by a reduction in employment.
    3. When the current position requires a commitment for a specific period of time they may not apply for a new position until they are under notice of assignment completion, unless approved by their current Manager.
    4. When the release of any project staff would seriously endanger the project’s success, unless approved by the Director.
    Employees must be performing satisfactorily in their current position.

    I hope this helps.**==
  • Thank you so much for the information Pamela!
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