How much PTO do you get?

Hi Forum!

We are looking to "restructure" our PTO allowance. We are a micro-sized company and the following is our PTO scale:

0-1 Year 1 week PTO (after 90 days of hire)
1-2 Years 2 weeks
3-5 Years 3 weeks
6-9 Years 4 weeks
10+ Years 5 Weeks
[B]* Addendum for employees hired prior to 12/31/07[/B]
[B]All full-time and part-time employees will follow the schedule below regarding their PTO:[/B]
[B]0-1 Year 1 week PTO (after 90 days of hire)[/B]
[B]1-2 Years 2 weeks + 2 days[/B]
[B]3-5 Years 3 weeks + 3 days[/B]
[B]6-9 Years 4 weeks + 4 days[/B]
[B]10+ Years 5 weeks + 5 days[/B]

Shew! As we have approximately 50 employees who are eligible, this would appear to be "way" too much time.

We would like to take this down as minimal as possible, I'd like to see what other companies offer and suggestions on how we could handle this would be awesome! Thank you!


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