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Good afternoon! I'm in the process of creating a salary matrix for our credit union. Can anyone share their information on starting salaries for tellers, msr's, loan officers, accountants, collectors, etc. Any information would help..

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  • I know they run $500 or so, but both CUNA and CUES have excellent salary surveys that let you really drill down for relevant info. For example, you can narrow the survey to CUs in your asset range in your geographic area, or fine tune it by headcount, loan volume, SEG vs. Geo, etc. CUNA's also provides sample job descriptions for each position, so you can get an idea of whether the job in their survey matches the duties of the person you have in position.
  • To tie on to what Frank mentioned. The salary ranges will vary greatly from one area of the country to another and from rural to metro within the same area. I have had pretty good luck simply calling the other banks in our area, asking for their HR Dept. and explaining what I was up to. If you are willing to share information, they usually will do the same. Have also had good luck searching the websites of other financial institutions for their open positions - many will list the salary ranges.
  • Thank you both for the helpful information.

    anelr ;)
  • I would be cautious around sharing data directly with other local banks etc. It's considered collusion and could possibly present problems for you. that's why companies developed anonymous surveys. I think you are better placed to spend the small amount to go through CUNA.
  • Thank you for that information. I actually received something through the Texas Credit Union League.

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