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The forum is great and the humor is a big part of what I think brings people back. On the other hand, you don't want to make light of serious subjects or turn people off.

What about a category called "Just for fun" or "the Lighter side" or something like that specifically for fun HR stories, jokes, or stuff that is interesting but shouldn't be mixed in with the serious topics.

What do you think? I know there are lots of fun stories out there. I also know there are some very funny people on this forum.



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  • Paul, who let you out of your room? x:P
  • Can you imagine the posts we would get from Pork or Don D????

    I think you are opening Pandora's box.
  • Thats half the reason for having one, don't you think? One of the best parts of HR is the front row seat we get to the quirks and foibles of human nature.

    I am very serious about this humor thing.
  • What would it hurt to try it?
  • I resent being compared to a 'foible of human nature' whatever that is. And I have relinquished the curmudgeon crown to Pork. Hands down!!
  • Having been the one that bestowed the "Curmudgeon Crown" originally.... While Pork is good, he still has his a Curmudgeon training wheels on compared to you, Don D!

    Margaret Morford
  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-03-02 AT 01:05PM (CST)[/font][p]Christy: I've noticed the names appearing under yours as your 'moderator helper' in keeping this thing running. It changes frequently, and VOILA!, this morning there is NO ONE listed there; so there's a job opening. How about bringing Paul in as Permanent Associate Zookeeper and let him handle the removing of the ratings and the addition of the suggested new area of the Forum. He also does windows.
  • Excellent idea, Don. Paul, you're hired - I'll need one ice cream sandwich with a dill pickle right away, then you can start filling up the HR-de-har-har section on the forum.

    BTW, if you subscribe to your state's Employment Law Letter, you've probably seen the HR-de-har-har section there, so having a fun forum section makes a nice parallel. Who knows, you might see your funny in print next time you open your Employment Law Letter.

    Christy Reeder
    Website Managing Editor
  • 1) You guys move fast. The hardeharr section is up the SAME DAY I posted the suggestion. I am impressed.
    2) Christy and Don D remind me of my boss. Every one of my suggestions becomes my responsibility somehow.
    3) Ice cream and pickles... Christy, do you have something to announce?

  • >3) Ice cream and pickles... Christy, do you have something to

    Why Paul, I thought you read every post on the forum! Check out Margaret's post "Exciting News" in this section.

    ...We're still looking for names, guys. My husband thinks "Bob" is pretty cool - spelled the same way forward and backward and it has a nice pop to it, but I'm not so sure (one Uncle Bob and a brother Robert ought to be enough for now). I'm voting for Coleman/Cole Allen for a boy. The girl's name is still up in the air, but we're leaning toward Laurel, although it doesn't roll off your tongue very easily. Our company's resident baby predictor has already told us it's a boy, so maybe a girl's name won't matter after all. Another 4 week 'til we find out. Okay, totally veered off the topic and meandered down a back road - it's late. What were we talking about here anyway???

    Christy Reeder
    Website Managing Editor
  • I agree. For people who tend to forget their childs name or how to spell it, a name that's the same forward and backward is a nice twist. If Bob is overused, There's always POP. A bit of an odd name for a child, but, be patient; one day it will fit. I really like Laurel and would hope for twins, the other one being named Hardy. I like Coleman too, but, I know you camp out a lot and that might confuse the child when ya'll are searching around the campsite for the fuel screaming, 'where the hell is the Coleman fuel?' I still think you should be true to your roots and take the leap and go with the double Southern name, Cole Bob maybe. Or Bubba Allen.

  • Don: Bubba Allen? Have you no heart? Bob will be "I be Bob" forever. Although Robert Reed works. There's also Billy Bob and Bobby Joe. Let's hope its a girl. Laurel is pretty but if you want one spelled either way, Hannah and Eve are popular. Whatever, as long as it's healthy.
    Did you give your children dual Southern names? ;;)
  • Christy,

    Sorry! I thought the "exciting news" was just another announcement for another HR symposium I can't get my director to pay me to go to. So I didn't read it.


    As for baby names, why don't you let the forum decide? You could have a one week period for nominations followed by a voting period right up until the sex of the baby is determined?

    Imagine the excitement you and your husband would feel?

  • How about like George Foreman? He named ALL of his sons George, you should never get the name mixed up in a family like that. You won't get the name mixed up, but I bet there are a lot of other things that do get mixed up.
  • Gotta agree with Don here. . read Coleman and got the urge to head to the woods..I do like Cole Allen ALOT and it even goes nicely together if you do the southern thing!!
  • Cole Allen is perfect. Gotta have the Allen though - just Cole leaves him wide open to be the hero in somebody's next romance novel! On second thought, in 20 years, he won't think that's too bad of an idea!
  • You could always do like your fellow Tennessean, J. Cash, who in one of his songs tells the story of his daddy naming him Sue. It made him grow up tough as nails, but he never got bullied. So, in the interest of the mountains growing out of Tennessee, and in honor of Johnny cash, no matter what the sex is, name him/her Smoky Sue. I think we're onto somethin' hear.
  • To weigh in my vote - I would definitely go with Cole over Bob. I always got those Bob/Bill, Mike/Mark, Don/Dan names mixed up, so something a little different is nice. For my boys, I picked Brian and Connor (feel free to use them if you want!).

    Laurel is very pretty and I think it rolls off the tongue just fine. I also liked the Hannah suggestion if you are looking at spelling it the same both ways. My daughter is Sara, and if the boys had been girls, we would have used Jenna. Good, solid old-fashioned names.
  • You can also go for those names that could be either boy or girl. Like Pat or Lee. I named my daughter after the car of my dreams....Shelby. She has all the horse power of the car she's named after as well. Congrats!
  • Did you get the car? I don't know what a Shelby costs, but the one you have will cost 1.6 million. Of course she'll pay back 12 million too. I had a neighbor who is a very successful drug rep. He named his baby girl Harley. You guessed it. He rides one. So following his example, Christy is obligated to name a boy H.R.
  • Don, unfortunately I will never be able to afford a 67 Shelby Mustang GT500, they cost approximately $65,000 fully restored (that's low end). That's why I named her Shelby, because she will be the only one I ever own! I have a 1.6 million dollar Shelby and she is priceless.
  • The 67 Shelby always looked great thru the back window of the Azure Blue Two door 67 GTO that was outrunnin' her. x:-)
  • Hey Don...Does that GTO have a hemi? Now there is the perfect name for the baby - Hemi!!!! Don't you agree Don?
  • >So following his example,
    >Christy is obligated to name a boy H.R.

    Or Paul's suggestion in another thread:

    >I suggest the name "Sherman" and you could call him "Sherm". One day,
    >when he was old enough, you could explain to him about SHRM and the
    >fine society from which his name derives.

    x:D BTW, I have to admit I'm not actually a born and bred southerner, altho I have been accused of having picked up a southern accent in the 6 years I've lived here - I'm an Okie from Muskogee (actually Tulsa, but Merle Haggard didn't pick that nice town for his song). So I'm not sure about the double name thing - might have to risk on the side of him being the object of a romance novel and call him Cole with Allen for the middle name. The Billy Bob's and the Bubba's are definitely out. Don, you and my husband must have the same sense of humor - he's already made a pitch for a boy named Sue (my husband [i]is[/i] a real-life southerner).

    Christy Reeder
    Website Managing Editor
  • Don't give up on the double-name 'thang'. Since you're an Okie, and you recalled Merle's song, part of it was 'we don't smoke marijuana down at the court house' (?) you could call her Mary Jane. And some Confederate tombstones down here do claim Oklahoma to be part of the South. x:-)
  • Thank you, Don. I keep trying to convince Christy that Oklahoma is NOT in the midwest (unlike my native home of Wisconsin, which squarely is).

    I think that either way, she should definitely come up with a nice, Southern, two-name name for her child. I particularly like Lee Ralph for a boy (tipping our hat to our boss, Lee Smith) and Jerry Linda for a girl.

    Anne Williams
  • I'm glad to see the Baby-sitter-in-waiting tag under your name, Anne. Is that for our baby, or are you stepping up to volunteer to monitor the forum while I'm on maternity leave (see HRGirl's Babysitting post in this section)? Probably both, right? ;;)

    Christy Reeder
    Website Managing Editor

  • As I have my own heathen, I mean 3-year-old, to tend to, I would NEVER volunteer to watch another baby! But this bunch ... piece of cake. I may have to resurrect GAR (where has he been, anyway) to keep some order, though. x}>
  • I WISH I HAD a 3 year old. I remember when my daughter turned 3. I was lying on my bed beside her while she was napping and I cried like a baby because I thought she was growing up too fast (and I don't mind admitting it). I only had two but wish I had 8 more! Please avoid the Frank Zappa syndrome. Remember, he named his kids Moon Unit and Dweezle for those of you who aren't Margaret's and Ritaanz' age and didn't know that. P.S. We named her after my grandmother whose middle name was Scott...and call her Scottie. Wouldn't take a billion for either her or the name; but, it has caused it's share of sex identity problems with mail and school.
  • Hey Good Buddy Don: Who is Frank Zappa? Was he before or after Richard Clark? I'm sure you danced to his band stand music. Or were you a senior in college already???
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