"Nanny's" Potatoe Pancakes

"Nona" was my italian Grandma-
"Nanny" was my german/irish Grandma.

This recipe is Nanny's-She passed on at 93 and was still directing us on how to prepare it properly. I will try to "do her proud" here and pass it on correctly! Same as Nona would not tolerate "Ragu" Nanny had very definite idea's on NOT using blenders in this recipe! If you do use a blender, look around for a "Nanny" spirit, it COULD get ugly!xx(

5 lbs. white potatoes
4 medium yellow onions
3 eggs
salt & pepper

Peel & wash potatoes
Peel onions

Grate potatoes (strain liquid)
Grate onions (strain liquid)
Mix potatoe, onion, flour and eggs until a firm consistency (sort of like schoolhouse glue :-)
Add salt & pepper to taste.

Heat vegetable oil in heavy frying pan (if you use silverstone pan turn heat up high or they will not brown nicely).

Use a medium size ladle to drop mixture into oil, cook on each side until bubbled on top and crispy on edges.

Serve with
Sour Cream
Stewed Tomatoes
Apple Sauce.

**Note: If you are the cook, be prepared to fry and fry as everyone else is eating-These need to come right out of the pan, then they are crispy and yummy! I have tried frying them and laying in the oven on baking sheets to keep warm-Not the same as fresh from the pan!Enjoy!


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