Secret Simple Wild Rice

This is great especially with wild game or frankly with any dinner calling for a rice side dish. Actually, it's a meal in itself.

Two boxes Uncle Bens Long Grain and Wild Rice
One medium onion diced
Two small cans salad shrimp, drained and chopped
Two small cans mushroom stems and pieces, drained
One-half small bell pepper, diced
Two cloves fresh garlic, knife smushed, & diced
One can slivered almonds

Prepare rice according to box directions in large pot about the size of a dutch oven.

As soon as you put the lid on, combine all other ingredients in mixing bowl.

Three minutes before the bell goes off, stir all remaining ingredients into pot and quickly cover to simmer the remainder of time required on box.

Stir and serve. Enjoy compliments. Don't tell how simple it was. This may be right up there with the top two or three rice dishes of all times.

Leftovers can be reheated according to 'Heating up Rice' seen on this conference.


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