Low Carb Breakfast Treat

Per Person:

2 large sausage patties, fresh or thawed, venison or pork.

2 eggs, beaten, per person.

One small onion, sliced and pulled apart into perfect circles.

Cubed Pepper-Jack Cheese. Or you could use cheddar if you don't like it spicey.

In a cast iron skillet, run about 7 drops of bacon drippings (or oil if you don't have drippings) into skillet and heat.

Heat skillet to medium, then reduce to about the number 4 setting or just above low.

Place hand-squeezed sausage patties in skillet and fry slowly, turning once when brown.

In the center of each pattie, place a half-inch cube of cheese, and lay a ring or two of the onion on top.

Cover with a skillet-top that sorta fits the iron skillet and cook on low for about 4 more minutes, steaming cheese to melt over onion as smell permeates the whole house and everybody crawls out of bed.

While sausage,cheese and onion are steaming, pour beaten eggs into large, medium-hot skillet of any type with a little oil, stir until cooked fluffy and golden.

Remove sausage/onion/cheese with spatula or flat knife, place on paper towel to drain. Remove from paper towel, lay on a serving of scrambled egg and serve, two per person on breakfast plate.

Serve with coffee, diet coke, lite beer or ice water.

No Juice! No sugar! No bread! No biscuit! No milk! Low Carb Heaven!


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