Ham Steak and Boiled and Fried Potatoes

This is a comfort food for me in the fall and winter. My grandmom always made this for us when we visited if she didn't have time to butcher one of her chickens!

Buy a thick country style ham steak (nothing else will do).

Peel and cut potatoes in half or if really big quarters. Boil in salted water until just fork tender. Drain water, cover and set aside.

While potatoes are boiling fry ham steak in a black well seasoned iron skillet. This is key, it must be a seasoned iron skillet nothing compares to the flavor! Fry until ham steak is slightly browned (you shouldn't need to add any cooking oil if using a seasoned skillet. Remove from skillet and set aside in oven to stay warm.

Put drained, boiled potatoes in skillet with ham juices. Fry until potatoes are browned, turning only once or twice to brown on both sides.

Serve with corn for a well rounded fattening meal.

We fork mash the potatoes and add lots of butter. YUMMMY!


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  • This sounds great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or midnight snack. I like your comment about the iron skillet. I've written on several websites about how to season one and how to restore an old rusted, crusty one. This recipe also brings to mind the time I was fishing with about 10 other guys and we were camped in a trailer. I made my way into the kitchen early in the morning and in the fridge, found the large slabs of thick ham wrapped in white butcher paper. Trying to please the group with breakfast, I decided to take a shortcut. I poured a little water in the skillet and put a top on it and effectively BOILED the ham rather than lightly frying it around the edges. I caught hell for that! Can't beat ham lightly cast-iron-skillet-fried in its own juices.
  • As taught by my mom, I totally fry the potatoes after the boiling until crisp. My sons clamored for them all the time. And with a couple of over easy eggs on the side, it is the best - and who cares the time of day, I made it for dinner.
  • Ham wouldn't have that much grease in it, would it?
  • I wouldn't think. Even in a seasoned skillet, I'd add butter to fry the ham steak. Gotta keep that cholesteral coming y'know. Hey HRGirl, in PA does the ham have more juice than AZ or MS?
  • I don't think so. I don't ever fry them crisp, they are too big.

    I do make ham and eggs and homefries. Homefries are potatoes sliced like thick potato chips and fried up to a golden brown outside and a soft inside. Some people call them hash browns. Those I do put lots a Crisco in the skillet. Even if I use an iron skillet (adds yet another layer to the seasoning of the skillet). These are the foods I grew up with and now my daughter who is 7 can't get enough of. When I met my husband he lived on rice, ground beef and spaghetti. If you asked him today, he'd take my food over his any day. His favorite is my garlic fried chicken (fried in a well seasoned black iron chicken fryer).

    My family says its all Pennsylvania dutch food, but I think its more a Southern (Don take note to the capital S) food thing. I've always said I'm a Southerner born and raised in the north. Is that possible?
  • What's that tight feeling in my chest? Hmmmmm..... left arm's a little numb, too. Better have another forkful of fried potatoes.... maybe with a little gravy.... ARRGGHHH!!!!
  • Was that grease gravy?? Over some biscuits? or grits?

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