Can you top this?

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-15-04 AT 05:44PM (CST)[/font][br][br]This is for you mcmel, Hatchetman, Gillian3, et al, who we may not be hearing from come Monday. Pipe in while you can!

Two things you need to know first...

My SO wears a mariner's crucifix:


He's 6'1", I'm 5'3".

So, last night we're getting ready for bed and he has his shirt off. I walked by him and he grabs me for a quick hug. My head is planted in his chest and when I step back I realize I’m hooked to the anchor end of his my right nostril! x:o

I jerk, thinking it will just break loose - instead it digs in deeper. x:o x:o

I’m yelling and trying not to move, he’s cursing, and peering down between my nostril and his chain trying to figure out how to detach me from the crucifix. Finally, he gets it out and I think I’m heading to the hospital for stitches because now I have a tear in my nose.

But no - it did not went all the way through. His crucifix has effectively pierced my nose! x:o x:o x:o

It is red, slightly bruised, terribly sore and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just put a hoop in it and go with the flow.


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