When Incentive Programs Attack

We have a quarterly contest in which employees can nominate their coworkers for awards if they have performed their duties in an outstanding manner or have otherwise gone above and beyond the call. Following is the abridged text of a nomination I received for a nonexempt, hourly-paid housekeeper that made me reach for my Purple Pill and the Excedrin:

"(insert name here) has devoted the last 18 years to this company. She goes out of her way every day to make sure that the guests are happy, safe and comfortable. she is a very kind, caring and compassionate person who loves to come to work and does whatever it takes, even off the clock to get the job done. She also does lots of extra work at home sewing sheets and pillow cases so the company doesn't have to buy new ones."

ARGGGHHHHH!!!!! #-ox:'(


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