Manager's Conference

Yes, it's that time of year again when I buttonhole all you Forumaniacs for suggestions on activities for our annual manager's conference, to be held in October. This year's theme is sort of a Lewis-&-Clark-Meets-Las-Vegas format. So far, in addition to the educational sessions, we are considering a compass course at lunch time in which the teams have to follow compass headings from the Lodge to find their lunch stuck somewhere out in the woods; a shoot-your-own dinner barbecue the first night where participants must "shoot" a picture of their dinner with a paintball gun (beef, pork, fish or chicken); knowledge competitions in which teams that correctly answer industry-related questions win money to gamble with on Casino Night; and then some sort of big, culminating event in which everyone competes for some humongous prize (yet to be determined).

I'd love any suggestions for additional activities or educational sessions - I've got three full days to kill and only about two days' worth of material so far.


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  • You'll have to tweak this one a bit...but it's gross and kind of fun...and will add a bit of lightness to the event.

    I was at a baby shower this weekend...and we played the "baby poop" game (I hate shower games, but this is the first one that I'm suggesting to anyone for anything!!.

    It involved 6 disposable diapers and 6 different chocolate candy bars melted into the center. The goal was to guess what kind of candy was melted into the diaper. The prize, of course, was a bunch of those candy bars.

    It was gross...and actually a great deal of fun...much better than unscramble the baby items...and some of the other dull games.

    Maybe you can adjust it a bit and use it for a tension breaker...

  • I'm certain he can adjust it using the real thing for one out of the six diapers and tell them a 1/8 carat diamond is inside one of them.

    Beagle I've posted a new recipe that sounds ideal for your group supper. It's over on the recipe board. I think you'll like it. x:D
  • It undoubtedly would be keeping with the Lewis & Clark Expedition theme, it would save money on my food budget for this thing, too. Unfortunately, the possums were run out of this area about three years ago by the raccoons (possums and raccoons will not occupy the same territory simultaneously), so we can't use the recipe.

    Your recipe does make me very glad I'm a vegetarian, though. x:-)
  • Aha, you show your foolish way by thought that possum and coon not to share same habitat. Send money to address on screen and video will be provided. Possum and coon live as brothers. Both hang by tail and loot garbage can.
  • Hmmmm... must be that only Yankee possums and raccoons respect each other's territories and won't occupy them at the same time...

    Seriously. No possum sightings in my neck o' the woods since the raccoons took over.

    Besides, raccoons are too cute to shishkebab. We're getting coonskin caps for everyone instead. x;-)
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