Obliviously On He Sails

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-03-04 AT 05:51PM (CST)[/font][br][br]By Calvin Trillin

On Bush

Obliviously on he sails
With marks not quite as good as Quayle's

You tell us with a casual by-the-way
Iraq was not behind that awful day
As if we's never heard your staff and you
Implying just the opposite was true
The Web must say, or maybe Lexis-Nexis
If chutzpa is a word they use in Texas

On Cheney

When Cheney's questioned on the Sunday shows
The Voice of Reason is his favorite pose
He drones in monotones. He never smiles -
Explaining why some suspects don't need trials,
Or why right now it simply stands to reason
That criticizing Bush amounts to treason

On Ashcroft

Now Ashcroft says his critics aid
An enemy whose plans are laid
To turn our torch of liberty quite dim
So we should say, "Do what you please"
Forget the usual guarantees" -
Unless, of course, the enemy is

On the more rabid Bush supporters

If you don't like it you can leave
Let us help, we'll give a heave
Why don't they understand?
Our world is their's upon demand
We're always right, never wrong
Stick together, forever strong
When we're in charge, we'll write a letter
Explaining all
The world will love us even better

Pss't (whisper) - the last one's not in the book - it's mine


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  • [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-04-04 AT 03:07AM (CST)[/font][br][br]On Kerry

    Bush plays an Ace
    Kerry tries to trump it.

    He bristles yet
    If you criticize his wealthy strumpet.

    In 17 years I'm told on the hill
    He is yet to author a single bill.

    His medals and ribbons sail o'er fences and gates,
    It's America the country he professes to hate.

    Now with wingtips and silver belt he crosses the states,
    But with sensible folk he just can't relate.

    His cadre of handlers are all full of hate,
    The voiceless woman beside him, he claims is his mate.

    Where's Carville and Teddy? they've taken a back seat,
    While Kerry the Frenchman, approaches defeat.

    While Sharpton manages J. Brown's road show,
    And Jessie hunts another Ho,

    Kerry lines up a camera crew,
    With the Botox darlin' Laurie Dew.

    And as Kerry's ferry hits the dock,
    The country knows he's just a crock.

    He frets over Nader, like a lost ark raider,
    And lusts for John McCain, hoping that would give him gain.

    And the country now sure knows,
    That the message still grows.
    His record is out, he continues to pout.
    A more liberal senator never,
    Mr. do-nothing ever.

    But the best question of all,
    When it's time for an inaugural ball,

    Will you bet your foolish life
    On John Kerry and his wife?

    ta-daaaaa. In the key of g-minor. By me.

    "When Cheney's questioned on the Sunday shows
    The Voice of Reason is his favorite pose
    He drones in monotones. He never smiles -"

    Hold onaminit there Bubba! I saw Cheney smile when he told Leahy to F-himself! x:D Happy 4th. I'm lighting meat-smokers, up early.
  • Geez, all I can say is that I'm glad I slept in today. Nothing out here worth reading (although I have always liked Calvin Trillin's stuff).

    I think it's time for a truce between the right wing knee-jerk reactionists and the left wing knee-jerk reactionists.

    Feels like the ongoing battle between the Labour and Conservative parties in Britain. And I thought this weekend was all about the independence from Britain.
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