Didn't know the FLSA could be so entertaining...

Just came from one of the most bizarre employment law seminars I've ever attended (and it was FREE, always a plus). It was presented by one of our large law firms here in Portland and had a seventies disco theme.

One of the segments regarded the changes to the FLSA. To somehow make dry material more entertaining, they presented it in a "Dating Game" format. The bachelor, an aspiring young associate enamored with labor law, is asking one of the bachelorettes what she looks for in a man, to which she replies "Well, I have a long test, and a short test..." (using appropriate hand gestures to indicate length). Our hero the bachelor says, "Hey, that's just like the old way we used to determine exempt vs. nonexempt employees! You are really turning me on!" and on and on along those lines. You get the picture.

Never knew lawyers could have so much fun. x;-)


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