I have NOT turned into a pumkin....yet

Forum Friends,
I've been a little quiet on the forum as of late. Lots of "stuff" going on and I thought I would share.
After seven months of contracting (luckily at just one company) I have been offered a new job as a Recruiter. The job is not with the company I'm currently contracting at - it's with a healthcare/rehab organization. My last day at my contracting job will be May 28th and I will be starting the new one after Memorial Day. I'm so excited!
Also, I'd like to share that I have met a special someone via (yes!) eHarmony. Everything is going swimmingly and I'm very happy about it. No, I'm not getting married or anything (yet!) but we have recently decided to date exclusively and are having a great time. So for all of you single folks out there, here is a happy and positive story about Internet dating! x:)
-Cinderella dressed in yella


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