Secretary Solis

Hey, now that Hilda Solis has been confirmed as Labor Secretary, how fast do you think she will act on pro-union issues that were discussed during the presidential campaign?  Any ideas on other things on her agenda?


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  • I think you are going to see her move quickly on these pro-union issues and I don't think it will be pretty.  I think some employers are really going to suffer from this. Take it from someone who has been through a union attack before. It was an all out war.  The unions can say and do things that the company is not allowed to do.  We had many locations that were hit with Unfair Labor Practice charges that had to weight to them.  The union told lie after lie to our employees, went after our customers, followed our employees home and harassed them.  It was ugly.  The company spent millions of dollars that could have been spent on hiring more employees, updating infrastructure, giving out better benefits, etc.
  • As quickly as comment periods will allow.  I would guess that she was handed plans or was asked to make plans or participatein the making of plans long in advance.
  • Yes it will get very ugly.  Especially with card check.  Those of you who do not have unions watch out!  There are seminars out there now teaching companies how to deal with card check should it become law, which I believe it will.  Personally, one of my biggest concern with this are the employees.  I really don't think they will know what happened until it is too late.  Very easy to get a union in, next to impossible to get them out.
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