From training/sales manager to HR professional

I was a training manager for about 7 years in 2 different companies. I trained people on software for about a year then I spent 6 years as a training/sales manager for a very small retail/wholesale company. I trained people on customer service, products and visual merchandising. It was a very rewarding experience and I would like to pursue further as an HR professional. I have a master degree in Marketing.

What would be the best entry level jobs for me to apply to in order to join an HR service?


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  • Some larger companies have in-house training and development departments that you may be able to apply for positions.   A company I worked for previously would hire some individuals that had previous training experience, even if it wasn't in the same industry or in HR.  They could teach them the content of the training materials, but the previous training experience was very valuable to the company. 
  • look for an HR generalist position or an HR coordinator. there, you will get a feel for a variety of aspects of HR and allow you to see what you like best
  • Even though you have a masters in marketing, if you don't have a background in general HR I would recommend that you take HR certificate courses at the local community college or online.  This will at least give you the broad view of best practices and general knowledge of compliance issues. 
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