Compensation Data/Surveys

Does anyone know of any compensation surveys that are specific to technical/engineering professionals?


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  • I sometimes look on job search engines to get an idea of the "going rate" for positions.  I look on monster and career builder.  I have a membership to a local HR group and we have salary surveys available to us fed by all the members of the group.  Also I have found that here in WI I can go on our local JobNet site and there are always a lot of tools...salary surveys etc.  Hope this helps!
  • I, too, have looked at the salary requirements of the resumes I am getting to get a feel for what the market is paying.  We also have a website here in MD that gives some salary ranges for different positions.  I also keep in touch with a couple of headhunters that give me an idea of salaries and benefits they are seeing in the industry.


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