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Hi everyone, my brother is a small business operator. We heard about H-2B program which my friend told me we can utilize to fill his labor shortage.

Can anybody give us information about the program? I heard it is expensive to get workers outside the country, are their h2b workers we can get here in U.S.?

How do we find and hire in-country h2b workers? Do we have to get a service from an agency in recruiting in-country h2b workers? How long do you think will it take for the process and how much will it cost us? My concern also is if i am oblige to provide for their housing and transportation. Lastly, how much are these workers should be paid?

 Please help me if there is anybody here who has ideas about how the whole process goes.






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  • I don't have any first-hand experience with the H-2B program but I know there is a lot fo demand for this type of visa.  I found this on the government's website ...

     The H-2B visa category allows U.S. employers in industries with peak load,
    seasonal or intermittent needs to augment their existing labor force with
    temporary workers. The H-2B visa category also allows U.S. employers to augment
    their existing labor force when necessary due to a one-time occurrence which
    necessitates a temporary increase in workers. Typically, H-2B workers fill labor
    needs in occupational areas such as construction, health care, landscaping,
    lumber, manufacturing, food service/processing, and resort/hospitality

    The Save Our Small and Seasonal Businesses Act of 2005 (SOS Act) divided the
    annual numerical limitations of 66,000 into two halves. USCIS regulations allow
    for filings 6 months in advance. However, H-2B petitioners first must obtain a
    temporary labor certification from the Department of Labor (DOL). DOL
    regulations stipulate that the application for temporary labor certification may
    not be filed more than 120 days in advance of the need for the employee to
    ensure the accuracy of the labor market test. Thus, USCIS normally begins
    receiving H-2B petitions with employment start dates in October in June or
    July. http://www.foreignlaborcert.doleta.gov/h-2b.cfm
  • Thanks for the info. Looks like it's a little complicated process to do and it needs time to do that.
  • My suggestion to you is to hire in-country h2b workers. I believe that there are many h2b workers across the country you can take as an option instead of going through the process of hiring h2b workers outside USA. These workers have been here for months or years and they probably are just getting H-2B extensions at the end of every seasons. Try this, www.h2bextension.com. Last year, when i am also having little problem with my staffing, they help me get workers  that are in-country H2B workers.

     In my knowledge, these workers are allowed to stay and work here for an allowable 3 years, so long as they get and extension. I just don't know how excatly it works because that company i mentioned above does all the work for me. Good luck to you! i am confident you can find in-country H2B workers.

     The cost varies depending on the kind of job and what company you are working with to get H-2B extended workers. And btw, you don't need to shoulder the transportation and housing, these workers are willing to pay for it. The salary according to the law is the prevailing wage in the area. Normally ranging from $8.00  to $9.00 or above.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks SFbay and j_manuel for your information. I checked the websites that you gave and it helped me a lot. I go over www.h2bextension.com and i left a inquiry note, i am just waiting for their reply. Hopefully they can help with my bro's staffing shortage. If not this winter because i bet its too late to do it for this season, maybe in the summer, otherwise if we can't, that means me and my bro will be left doing all the works ourselves.
  • No problem, you are welcome. good that you were able to check their website. In case they did get back to your online inquiry, i have their number. Try giving them a call. Check if these are still working, 816-256-8618/816-256-8268.
  • Mark,


    Wanted to ask if you had any success with H2BExtension.com guys?



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