Seasonal housing questions with H2B and J1 employees

Can anyone pass along a few ideas or contacts, I am working on finding temporary housing for a group of seasonal emps on the H2B and J1 programs. The inquiries I have made locally are looking to be an extensive project to handle internally. Is it better to just let the recruiting agency try to deal with housing or does anyone have a place to point me. It is the first time I have had to deal with this type of situation and I would be appreciative of anyones wisdom, or experience with the topic.


Marty Reiss


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  • I haven't had to deal with this situation but I can see where it would be a nightmare--short term leases, security deposits, equipping the houses, cleaning, returning them in good condition. I think I would consider letting the agency take the lead or finding someone to whom I could outsource housing.

  • I have found a few resources for corporate housing however the cost is far beyond what I can call reasonable to pass on to the employees, I was amazed at a cost of a 2 bedroom furnished unit from one of these companies. The points I am coming across include Deposits, furniture rental, utilities deposits, assembly of housewares, linen and bedding, and co-ordinating all of them. That does NOT include the direct liability to my organization delivery, setup, breakdown and storage, not to mention administration of the bills and expenses. Does anyone have a contact to pass on there must be someone with some experience here?



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