Trump Picks Apprentice HR-Style

Hey, any of you see the finale of the Celebrity Apprentice?

While everyone was picking nice guy Trace Adkins over the "evil" Piers Morgan, The Donald waited until the last minute to announce his decision.  Clearly heeding the old HR adage "the job, not the person," he went with prickly Piers, who clearly had excelled in the job description challenge of bringing in the most money for the charities.

I was kind of surprised, but Trump did go to the Wharton School of Business.


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  • A promotion or job success isn't supposed to be based on popularity, but rather on measurable achievements toward stated goals. So, I guess Trump did the right thing.

    I'd like to hire Ivanka if I had the right opening; she seems professional and very insightful. But I don't think we have a pay grade high enough.

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