Employee Engagement

There seems to be a lot of press lately on "employee engagement" and how its an important retention tool. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make sure that employees are engaged in their jobs? Our turnover rate has been a little higher than I'd like and am looking for some ideas. Thanks!   


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  • have you tried an employee attitude survey?  it would help you see what your company is doing right and wrong  and what it should be doing in the future.
  • It's a well know fact that praise and recognition when done properly will increase your employee engagement, reduce employee turnover and a whole lot of other benefits come from showing your employees that you appreciate them. Gallup polls and other polls have shown, one of the top reasons employees leave is they don't feel appreciated! I have seen a quote from David Siegel saying that for every percentage point he reduce employee turnover it's about $5 million to his bottom line and they spend about half a million dollars on employee recognition, and they are confident that they are getting at least a ten times return on that. Pretty powerful stuff!

    If you need help, I can help you, I have years of experience in this area :)


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