Sources for Healthcare Hires

We are having a tough time recruiting RNs for a healthcare facility. We are in a mid-sized city and have tapped most local sources for nurses. Anyone have luck with more unconventional recruiting methods for RNs? If so, are you willing to share what they were? Thanks!


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  • Finding RN's seems to be a difficult task.  I don't hire in the field but have had this conversation with other collegues.  Don't try just local,  there are many Nursing Students that are looking for a job by their Junior or Senior year but don't really know how or where to start looking.  Get the jump on everyone else and go or send someone to Colleges with Nursing programs.  If they hear about you early on, they are more likely to remember you later as well so you might want to speak with Sophomores as well.

    I have helped set up a couple of internship to work programs and my experience with students has been positive.  They don't want to change jobs right away and they are eager to show their potential.

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