Fantasy Football

So, it's football season again (very obviously my favorite time of year). I know that my employees are going to be wasting time at work on their fantasy teams. I don't want to be the workplace ogre, but what do you suggest I do to try to keep them from wasting too much time? I recently read an article on how much fantasy footbal costs employers ($1.1 BILLION!!).


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  • you might try to control this by organizing some time for this during lunch. By confronting the problem head-on, and coming up with a way for employees to participate during non-paid time - might get you the results you want.
  • We set up a 15 minute meeting once a week (as of now it is on Tuesdays) for people to work on their teams.  They are paid for this but are told that there will be repercussions if they are caught working on them at other times besides lunch.  It worked for us last year and hopefully will work again :)
  • Certainly, football pools and other sport pools and fantasy leagues can interfere with company production and the like.  I suggest that those interests be addressed during a lunch period break where it can all be discussed.  Creating a time frame for this type of activity can go a long way to keeping employees on the road to gainful and productive work days. 
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