Preppy Is In-Are Dress Code Problems Over?

Saw a story on the news that the "preppy" or collegiate look (slacks, skirts, Oxford shirts, high heels) is in.  I'll be happy if I don't see bare midriffs and see-through tops any more.  What do you all think?


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  • Not so sure about the high heels, but the rest of the message is very appealing.  Unfortunately, many of those entering the workforce have no idea how to dress appropriately for different circumstances as no restrictions or dress codes have ever been put on them.  The old adage "You act the way you are dressed" is certainly true in most cases.
  • You know, I have noticed that the dress problem is greatly exaggerated (at least where I work). Sure, there are a few employees who make bad choices when it comes to work clothes, but what I see is that it is not a generational issue. There are plenty of Boomers who don't choose clothing that I would consider to be appropriate. I think many of the issues that are blamed on Gen X and Y simply are a matter of the individual (not the age). I see a good share of younger workers who are professional, responsible and appropriate in the workplace -- I think they get a bum rap because of the minority of younger workers who have not yet learned to handle themselves in the workplace. With a little encouragement and a lot of training, I think there is real potential in our younger workers!
  • preppy is definitey back in - cardigans, plaid skirts, the whole thing....i actually was reading about it in the latest issue of InStyle magazine yesterday. whether or not it'll be the end of bad dressers is another story...although i agree with NY Giants, most people get it when it comes to work clothing

  • This is exactly why I tell my wife not to throw out my old clothes!  You never know when what it "out" may come back "in" again. 

    I don't have any pink sweaters left over from the 80s, though.


  • Unfortunately, preppy can also be dress code inappropriate (no socks with loafers, loud madras pants...).
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