Notetaking on Resume/Applications

I am having a debate with a colleague about whether it is a good idea to allow interviewers to take notes about a candidate on their resume or application.  I have always thought it was a bad idea because the interviewer is altering a legal document.  My colleague says I am 'nuts.'  Can comeone settle this?


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  • I'm not sure if a resume is actually a "legal document," but if it goes into a permanent file, your jottings will become part of the record.
  • I think this is definitely an issue of substance--if the person is jotting down information on a resume that supplements information provided by the applicant, such as their expericnce in a particular area, their responsibilities in a certain job or project, etc. then that's one thing.  It goes to the person's qualifications and abilities.

     However, if the person, for example, is jotting down observations about the person and making references to a protected characteristic, such as age, gender or race, even if the note doesn't say anything negative--the fact that the person even made a notation about it would look bad if the applicant ever sued and it was brought into evidence.

  • Some employment laws require you to hang on to resumes, applications, things like that. So, if an applicant ever brought a lawsuit against your company, you'd have to disclose that person's file. So, just be careful what you write down!
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