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There seems to be so much emphasis in the media today on flexible schedules, allowing employees to work from home, and other similar things to help employees with the work-life balance and break free of the "9 to 5" thing. I'm wondering how many of you offer these types of benefits?


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  • I just read in the May edition of Entreprenuer that the Best Buy corporate headquarters in Minnesota calls flextime ROWE--Results Only Work Environment.  Employees can work where and when they want as long as they complete assignments. This process, where employees "work and don't just put in the time" has increased productivity so much that Best Buy is thinking of establishing ROWE on a limited basis in its retail stores.
  • We've had a version of flextime for several years.  We have core hours from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. when employees are expected to be here so that we can schedule meetings, etc., but otherwise people can adjust the time when they come in and when they leave.  Some do the "early shift" from 6:30 to 3 and others do 10 to 6:30.  A lot of people still do 8:30 to 5.
  • We offer flexible schedules and found employees really appreciate them. One issue that I have noticed is in scheduling meetings among people who work an alternative work day. If one employee works 10am to 6pm and another works 6am to 2p, there's only 4 hours of overlap to schedule meetings.
  • We have had a Flextime program for a few years now.  Most positions can work anywhere between the hours of 5:30am to 6pm as long as there is always at least one person from each department in the office during our regular office hours.  It is the department managers responsibility to make sure that his/her department is covered.
  • We also offer flexible schedules, but for only 4 days each week.  One day each week all parties have to report to and leave work at the same time.   Meeting are usually scheduled on this day.  To make things easier for our employees we schedule this day to be the same day each week. 

     So far this has worked well for us.

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