Sexual Harassment Training in California

I am looking for suggestions on how to conduct sexual harassment prevention training in California under the new requirements for supervisors.

 Any resources? Tips? Things that have worked for you?


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  • BLR has a full explanation on its website under the California state page on sexual harassment. The link is You can also find links to documents relating to sexual harassment training on the same page.

    I always thinks its best to have a trained professional come in and conduct the sexual harassment training, i.e., a lawyer or other trained professional, and to emphasize that an employee will not be retaliated against for making a sexual harassment complaint. Also, it, might be a good idea to include in your sexual harassment policy when training will occur, how often, etc, and make sure that the language complies with state law.

  • We looked at the proposed regulations (you can find them here: and then made sure we are offering training that at least met the requirements outlined in them.  I just read that the state is going to change the regulations before they become final, so we may have to adapt once those changes are published. The regulations talk about the content of the training and the level of expertise the trainers need to have.
  • My company recently acquired a group in CA with 67 employees and I need to get back in the swing with all of the state laws. I recalled this thread from the forum and thought I would start with the sexual harassment training requirement. I don't want to travel out to CA to give the training myself. Has anyone used BLR's online Employee Training Center? My rep says they have training that meets the CA requirement coming out very soon.



  • We've used the training center for safety training, but not for anything else yet.  It works well for us, keeps track of who's been trained, etc.  Big improvement over trying to get employees together for group training sessions.
  • We could use something like that for the California sexual harassment training.  I'm with Barbie--I'd love not to have to fly out to CA to do the training. But we need to keep track of who took it and I think we need a way to make sure that the employees take the training for a full 2 hours--am I right about that? 
  • I spoke with a sales rep the other day because we are trying to find a more economical way to provide this training than we currently are.  California employers have to provide supervisory employees with 2 hours of interactive sexual harassment training and education every 2 years. That's a lot of training. BLR will have a tracking method on the new product and it won't allow employees to duck out before the two-hour period.  They have to complete the two hours or won't get credit. It seems like a great way to train the employees.
  • Yes, it looks like the training has to be 2 full hours and must be "interactive" according to BLR's CA sexual harassment analysis. As a trainer, it looks like you can avoid going there personally so long as you're available via e-mail. See relevant copy pasted from the BLR analysis below:

    Training may be provided in a classroom setting with an in-person trainer, through "e-learning" programs, and through online seminars. The content of classroom and online seminar training programs must be created and taught by a trainer--as defined in the regulations. E-learning programs must be created by a trainer and an instructional designer who has expertise in current instructional best practices. An e-learning program must provide a link to a trainer who can answer a trainee's questions within 2 business days. Other types of technology (e.g., audio, video, computer) may be used in conjunction with classroom, online, and e-learning programs.

  • Here is a good Sexual Harassment resource that I have found. They have a lot of CA resources. I have participated in many of their webcasts and was able to get some good information.

  • Since the training requirement is 2 hours of training every 2 years (for supervisors), and all new supervisors within 6 months of hire/promotion, we decided to buy a computer-based training program (from BLR at this website). 

    If you are out of state with in-state employees, remember that employers are required to train supervisory employees located in California, but not those who supervise California employees from a location outside the state. HOWEVER, I would go ahead and give training to the out of state supervisors anyway so that they are aware of the CA state laws (they are --of course-- different than most states). Good luck!

  • Thanks for all these resources.  We do some of our training online already and would like to do more.  Even though it's not required,  does anyone train all employees on harassment?
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