Temporary Workers

If we use a temp from a staffing agency for 6 months and then want to extend the time that she works here for another 6 months, does the extension affect her status as a temp employee?  Is there a limit to how many times/how long she can work as a "temp?"


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  • I think it might depend on the agreement/contract you have with the temp agency.  If you were going to hire the employee outright, the temp agency would probably charge you some kind of finder's fee. They might put a limit on how long you get to keep considering her a 'temp' for this reason.  You should check everything you have in writing on this from the agency. 
  • I think if she's an employee of the staffing agency (she gets her paycheck from them and not from your company) you can extend her time and she's still their employee.  But if she's paid by your company as a contract worker I think the IRS might say she's your employee depending on the position and if your company treats her like an employee.
  • I totally agree with what CTCarter wrote.  I have worked with several temporary agencies over the past several years and each agency has their own policy over length of time a "temp" may be used and "temp" to hire situations.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to check out the policies of several temporary employment agencies and choose the one that most suits your needs.
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