Weather Wimps

What can we do about the "weather wimps" who don't come in with under an inch of snow on the ground or leave work at the first sign of a flake?  Sure, they have vacation time to use, but our managers are complaining about having to cover for them all the time.


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  • This is an issue for us sometimes as well. I don't know what you can really do though if they are using paid time they've accrued--besides hope for a tame winter!

    I just don't know how to 'crack down' on something that could potentially be a safety issue.  I mean, if a company's policy is basically "Stay at work until we give you permission to leave or else you're in trouble"  all it will take is that one time the company is actually wrong about/misjudges how bad the weather is and an employee gets in an accident because they didn't leave when they probably should have... Trying to establish hard rules on this sounds pretty tricky. 


  • Can any of your "weather wimps" do their jobs from home?  You could require them to take work home if they can do it from a PC.

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