Employer-sponsored sporting events

Does your company sponsor any sporting events such as bike rides, walkathons etc., in which you encourage employees to participate?  Do you organize any team events such as softball, bowling, volleyball etc?  If so, do you join leagues, etc. or do you play against each other (teams within the company)?We'd be interested to hear what companies are doing, if anything, in terms of employer-sponsored athletics.


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  • We play some indoor street hockey--it's pretty informal. We usually just scrimmage against each other, but there's a nearby pub/sports bar nearby whose employees we sometimes get together with and play.  Either way, it's a good way to connect outside of work.
  • Our company supports employees who want to participate in fundraising activities such as walkathons by sponsoring groups and providing matching gifts for donations. We have considered providing some gym equipment and locker rooms for employees as part of our wellness initiatives, but are concerned about liability. I'd be very interested to hear how companies are handling concerns about liability associated with these activities.
  • Thaks BKate--you took the words right out of my mouth.  I was going to ask CT Carter to what extent his employer "sponsored" the hockey games, and if there's been any concern about/thought given to the risk of injury, and whether the company would be liable.  Some employers buy separate insurance policies covering sports and recreational activities.  Anyone else want to let us know how you've addressed this issue?
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