Workplace Profanity

Does anyone have a good policy addressing the use of profanity in the workplace? We currently have a one line policy that says "excessive use" but at some point the line between what is appropriate and what is not has moved. Working toward a more professional, respectful work environment.


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  • It is really hard to determine what is profane. Some people consider 'shoot' and 'darn' to be profanity. Others consider anything besides the F word or GD to be too mild to count. I think your policies should simply state that you require a professional and respectful work environment and give examples of what is inappropriate (making sure you say include but not limited to). Then, whenever an employee crosses the line, you should privately bring up the policy and the reason you have it. If it continues, you can take more formal action, but this gives the employees time to adjust.

    Good luck!

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    pmeredith, here is a link to a previous thread that asked a similar question. In it, Forum maestro Sharon McKnight shared links to several policies that might provide some direction, including a respectful workplace policy. Hope this helps -- tk
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