I have a complicated issue I would like opinions on. We have a large complex with other companies using office space. Part of the agreement is that we provide administrative support. We loan people to these companies. Earlier this year one of these support employees was placed on a Performance Improvement Plan for absences, tardies, and performance issues. The plan was successfully completed. This individual has since reverted back to absence and tardiness problems. A discipline letter was given to the employee in October. The tardiness is still continuing, but now the employee has filed an FMLA certification stating there is a chronic problem and that accounts for the intermittent tardiness. In the mean time the people this person is supporting went to their HR and complained. Their HR contacted our company manager twice. Our director has now given the manager direction to pull this person from supporting the other company. My delimma is whether any movement of this person will appear to be retaliation for the FMLA.

WOW - sorry for the long post, but as I mentioned this is complicated. Thanks for any feedback.


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