Intermittent Nightmares

We have two employees on intermittent leave who come in late frequently stating "FML" for the reason. One leave is for care of spouse, the other is for herself. Both of these employees have also left in the middle of their shift for a couple of hours and then returned to work again stating "FML" for the reason. Since we are long-term care, we have limited licensed staff on each shift. Is there anything we can do to stop this madness? One is a house supervisor so she left the house unattended. The other left in the middle of a med-pass.


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  • FMLA still has to be approved, even intermittent leave. Leaving the house unattended seems out of line to me. It depends on your services and other coverage but I would think it would have to be a serious emergency to leave without approval. I believe in this case you really need to call your attorney. There are too many pitfalls and you don't want to end up paying in court. However, you absolutely need to get this under control. Continuing the way you are now will cause other employees to feel resentment (increasing your difficulties), and may even lead some of them to start doing the same.

    Good luck and please let us know how this turns out.

  • Thanks for your response, Nae. Yes, we do realize we need to get this under control soon. Will follow your advise.
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