Strategic Employee Engagement Plan Outline

Does anyone have a successful strategic employee engagement plan outline that I can use as a base for creating our own strategic employee engagement plan? For example, we would love to implement "I caught you doing something right" type of program and any others.

Thanking you in advance for anything you are willing to share.

Cheri Sale, SPHR


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  • Whatever you end up with needs to be a natural outgrowth of your existing culture. If your culture is to celebrate successes, and you're looking to formalize that process, then you're on to something. On the other hand, if you don't have that kind of culture yet, you're setting yourself up to fail.

    For example, a suggestion box in the lunchroom won't magically make your CEO care what the guy in the mailroom thinks. If your CEO does care, and is committed to accepting that kind of input, then the suggestion box makes it easier and helps formalize that process. "Program B" exists to assist "Culture A"... it won't create Culture A and it will only serve as a reminder to all employees that Culture A does not really exist.
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