Floating Holidays?

Hi there, we are working on a possible revision of our holiday pay policy. If any of you have a policy that addresses a "floating holiday" and are comfortable in sharing that I would greatly appreciate it. My email address is [email]wbowen@denalistatebank.com[/email]. We are a small community bank and some of our set holidays fall on weekends when we have limited staff working - therefore it becomes hit or miss in regard to who gets the holiday pay; we've never allowed a floating holiday but think this would be a nice change. Thanks!


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  • We are a public utility office and normal hours are day hours 7 am - 4pm. We have two water plant employees that work weekends and nights. When a holiday falls during the week one of the day employees has to work. We have a rotating schedule for who will work the holiday. They can choose to either get overtime for that day worked or use a floating holiday. The rotating schedule is set and if they don't want to work that holiday it is up to them to find someone to work for them. If they can't then they must work it. We are unionized and when our employees have to work a shift on a holiday they actually get paid 8 hours for the holiday plus overtime for the actual hours worked. Hope this helps.
  • Not sure if our policy matches what you're going for, but in general, if an employee chooses to work or is scheduled to work on a holiday, we don't allow a make-up holiday. The text of our floating holiday policy is below, but let me know if you have any questions.

    [SIZE="1"]*In addition to seven scheduled paid holidays, two additional days are designated as “Floating” Holidays. Regular, full-time employees may choose the dates of their own Floating Holidays. Floating holidays can be used to observe another holiday (e.g. President’s Day or Martin Luther King Day), a religious holiday, a family member’s birthday, or to extend another holiday or weekend. Floating holidays must be requested and approved in advance and cannot be taken after-the-fact. Floating holidays cannot be taken in hourly or partial-day increments; they must be used for a full work day. New employees who start between January 1 and June 30 will receive two Floating Holidays in the current calendar year. Those hired between July 1 and September 30 will receive one Floating Holiday in the current calendar year. Those hired between October 1 and December 31 will receive no Floating Holidays until the start of the next calendar year.

    **FOR 2011 - The Birthday Floating Holiday is treated like other floating holidays in terms of requesting and approval. If your birthday falls on a weekend, you can use the extra floating holiday on either Friday or Monday, subject to supervisor/manager approval. If for some reason you aren’t able to take your birthday off, you can arrange in advance with your supervisor/manager to substitute it for another day. Regardless of your hire date, you’ll always get this floating holiday. Birthday Floating Holidays cannot be taken in hourly or partial-day increments; they must be used for a full work day.[/SIZE]
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