Tape Recording Policy

Does anyone have a Tape Recording Policy that they could share. I'm looking to implement such a policy.

Thanks in advance for your help!

HR Hat


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  • [SIZE=4][SIZE=2]I don't think I've ever seen a policy specifically designed to cover tape recording. Anyway, I wouldn't try to reinvent the wheel. Look at your current policies to see if you can include language about tape recording. If you can't find one that can be easily adapted, there are several sample policies available on both HRHero.com and HRLaws..com that could be modified to cover tape recording. (i.e., Personal Conduct policy, Use of Telephones and Cell Phones, Use of Computers and the Internet, and the Respectful Workplace policy). You can find them under "HR Tools" on HRHero and under the "Policies" tab on HRLaws.


    PS: Just out of curiosity, how is the employee going about making the recordings? Is he or she walking around with a cassette recorder in his or her pocket?
  • Being in a very competitive industry, we have a policy against all camera-equipped devices below. We should probably add tape recordings as well.

    Camera-Equipped Devices
    Camera-equipped devices and other image recording equipment belonging to employees (e.g., cell phones with cameras, digital cameras, video cameras, etc.) are not permitted on the premises except in employee break areas. FTI has a fundamental responsibility to ensure the integrity of its and its clients’ confidential information and to maintain the security of our environment.
  • In TN there is a one person knowledge law. Which means as long as one person knows the conversation is being recorded it's perfectly legal. We were going to add just that under the IT policy you actions may be recorded at anytime whether on the computer or in the office.
  • Thanks for your feedback, Sharon. I do need to check my computer policies; there may be something there that is related.

    Arkansas has a similar one person law.

    KDIGANGI, thanks for your feedback, too.

    We have a few people who record meetings from time-to-time. Not with their manager, like you hear about so often, just regular meetings. We had someone who became upset because they weren't asked first. The law does not require that, but I want part of our policy to at least state that a meeting is being recorded. I also want to spell out what they can't do, according to Arkansas law.

    Thank you all for your help!

    HR Hat
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