Pregnancy/maternity leave policy for police/firefighters/EMTs

:help: Does anyone have a good pregnancy/maternity leave policy for police/firefighters/EMTs or anything similar they would be willing to share? One of our [I]Delaware Employment Law Letter[/I] editors, Adria Martinelli, is looking for one. Most of the ones she has seen overstep what she believes to be legal or advisable under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, and include provisions like "immediate disclosure of pregnancy to supervisor" and "automatic transfer to desk position at a certain point in the pregnancy." So, if you can provide Adria with a better starting point, please e-mail her directly at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]. thx tk


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  • Ever since the [I]Johnson Controls[/I] case, businesses have struggled to balance pregnancy discrimination with keeping their employees (and their employees' unborn children) safe. I would imagine first responder and other public safety organizations deal with this issue a lot. Unfortunately, [I]Johnson Controls[/I] taught us that you can't always protect your employees from their own foolishness.
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