Drive Safely Work Week

One of my pet peeves is people talking on cell phones while driving. (Doesn't necessarily mean I never do it.) It's dangerous and can be very costly to employers when employees cause an accident as a result of cell phone use while driving. And, texting while driving ... aack!! I was poking around the OSHA site and came across the information below and thought you might find it interesting. And, for those of you who employ drivers, it might be helpful too.

Drive Safely Work Week is October 4-8, 2010. DSWW is the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety's (NETS) annual workplace safety campaign. Their website provides a materials and tools for employers to help educate employees about safe driving practices.

To find out more and/or download materials go to: [URL][/URL]

A related site is: [URL][/URL]

You can find a sample policy re distracted driving here: [URL][/URL]

Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!

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