I-9 Internal Audit Questions

We are attempting to conduct an internal audit of our I-9 files. Hoping someone out there can help me with two issues.
1. Does anyone have a historical list of when the various I-9 forms were in force? Example...the gal putting together our new hire packets did not transition to the newest version (expires 8/31/12) until sometime very recently. Up until what date is the "expires 6/30/09" form acceptable? Is there an overlap, as the 2012 form carries a revision date of 8/7/09. Going back to earlier forms...same question of from when to when applies?
2. Can this form be completed prior to first day worked? I know there can only be a 3 day window for providing the documents after the first day worked. But if the person has been made an offer of employment, is completing other pre-employment forms such as authorizing a drug test, etc. how far in advance can he complete the I-9? Sometimes people actually start on days (like Sunday) when I am not in the office.


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  • I'm sorry, lorilori, I have looked but can not find a listing form revisions. Perhaps your employment law attorney might be able to provide. As for your second question, I believe the form must be signed and documentation provided within the 1st three days of employment, which would preclude signing in advance.
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